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My MLP: FIM Episode Controversy Meme by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My MLP: FIM Episode Controversy Meme :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 6 5 My Top 10 Least Favourite SSB Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Least Favourite SSB Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 3 8 Top 20 Favourite Female Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan Top 20 Favourite Female Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 15 6 Top 20 Favourite Male Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan Top 20 Favourite Male Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 12 0 My Top 10 Favourite Thomas and Friends Movies by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Thomas and Friends Movies :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 4 4 What Grinds My Gears: Shopro by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan What Grinds My Gears: Shopro :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 0 0 My Top 10 Favourite Super Smash Bros. Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Super Smash Bros. Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 7 3 My Top 10 Least Favourite Disney Movies by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Least Favourite Disney Movies :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 2 5 My Top 10 Favourite Disney Movies by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Disney Movies :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 4 0 Plankton Reacts To New Bob the Builder by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan Plankton Reacts To New Bob the Builder :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 13 6 My Top 10 Least Favourite Disney Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Least Favourite Disney Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 11 16 My Top 10 Favourite Disney Characters by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Disney Characters :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 13 8 My Top 10 Favourite Star Wars Villains by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Star Wars Villains :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 18 8 I MET AUSTIN ST. JOHN!!! by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan I MET AUSTIN ST. JOHN!!! :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 1 2 My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Owned By Ash Ketchum by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Owned By Ash Ketchum :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 14 1 My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon from Alola by TheTrainMrMenPonyFan My Top 10 Favourite Pokemon from Alola :iconthetrainmrmenponyfan:TheTrainMrMenPonyFan 4 0


The final airing for the Mr. Men Show by Percyfan94 The final airing for the Mr. Men Show :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 18 19 Mr. Bump's new security system by Percyfan94 Mr. Bump's new security system :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 28 16
EG is NOT only about Sunset Shimmer
Another thing that I don't understand about some Sunset fans and some anti Sci-Twi fans is why when there are two EG movies about Sunset and her struggles, everybody appricates it, but when there's two movies about Sci-Twi, then everybody freaks out and says she's whiny or a mary-sue? Sure you could say that she takes all the spotlight or whatever excuse you have, but Sunset mostly takes the spotlight in those movies, but NO ONE NEVER says a word about that. Why is it when Sunset takes the spotlight, it's her time to shine or it's ok because she's best pony/bae, but when it's ANY OTHER CHARACTER in the EG series (including Sci-Twi), then it's suddenly a bad thing? It's like we can never find out more about other characters anymore because Sunset takes all the attechion away from other characters. And  NO ONE NEVER is bothered by this.
It means that Sunset is a good character or she's your favorite, that doesn't mean you should ignore any other character that's main in the series.
:iconmiraculouslover21:MiraculousLover21 5 11
Starlight's sorry -animation by SunsetMajka626 Starlight's sorry -animation :iconsunsetmajka626:SunsetMajka626 99 133 Character Comparison- arrogant tomboys by Sketch-Shepherd Character Comparison- arrogant tomboys :iconsketch-shepherd:Sketch-Shepherd 17 5 My favorite amourshipping moments by PrincessLilligant My favorite amourshipping moments :iconprincesslilligant:PrincessLilligant 17 11
My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of MLP Explained
Hey, everybody. Rainbine here and as I said yesterday, I will be explaining why I made my Top 10 Favorite Episodes of MLP, which can be found here, My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of MLP. As usually, if you don't agree with my opinion on the episodes on this list, that's perfectly fine. Anyway, without any further ado, let's get started.
Number 10;   Season 6 Finale (Episodes 25 and 26): To Where and Back Again- The reason why I loved this finale can be summed up in two words...reformed...villains. For those who don't know, I find reformed villain characters to be the most fascinating and best characters in a series, so seeing Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Discord, and Thorax working together to save the Mane Six, the Princesses, and other characters from Chrysalis and the Changelings made me really happy. Also, seeing Thorax transform and all of the Changelings turn f
:iconrainbine94:rainbine94 4 0
My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of MLP by rainbine94 My Top 10 Favorite Episodes of MLP :iconrainbine94:rainbine94 12 5 PikaMimi by Sushiba PikaMimi :iconsushiba:Sushiba 33 3 EqG Twilight Starlight and Sunset by YayCelestia0331 EqG Twilight Starlight and Sunset :iconyaycelestia0331:YayCelestia0331 120 40 SGP's Mario Kart Controversy Meme (Updatable) by SuperGamePlayer SGP's Mario Kart Controversy Meme (Updatable) :iconsupergameplayer:SuperGamePlayer 7 24 Birthday buffet by Percyfan94 Birthday buffet :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 21 8 Super Mario Controversy Meme by Jyxia Super Mario Controversy Meme :iconjyxia:Jyxia 5 6
Interest to Join?
If you guys are looking for battle or trade in your Pokemon games or just to exchange Friend Codes for 3DS and Switch, join here
:iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 1 1
Super Mario Controversy Meme by TheLunaDiviner-Saix Super Mario Controversy Meme :iconthelunadiviner-saix:TheLunaDiviner-Saix 3 0 1001 Animations - Pokemon I Choose You (TV) by FireMaster92 1001 Animations - Pokemon I Choose You (TV) :iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 25 6



My MLP: FIM Episode Controversy Meme
Here is a Controversy Meme based on my opinions on MLP: FIM episodes, to celebrate seven years of the franchise.
Blank meme:…
Original owner: :iconmunktransformerlover:

Favourite episode: Wonderbolts Academy - This episode shows why Rainbow Dash is my favourite, and I love near the end, she was willing to give up her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt when she felt that being reckless was the only way of being one.

Least Favourite Episode: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well - See my Top 10 Least Favourite TV Episodes here to find out why: thetrainmrmenponyfan.deviantar…

Most Okay Episode: Viva Las Pegasus - The story was good, but I'm just not a fan of the Flim Flam Brothers.

Most Forgettable Episode: Games Ponies Play - I don't really remember the story that well I'm afraid.

Favourite Episode Focused on my Favourite of the Mane Six: Top Bolt - This is really my second favourite episode based on Rainbow Dash, but since I've already added Wonderbolts Academy as my favourite episode, I decided to put this episode on this category anyway.  I quite loved how Rainbow Dash and Twilight helped two Wonderbolt trainees on being Wonderbolts and I found the trainees, whose names are Sky Stinger and Vapour Trail, to be really likable characters.

Favourite Spike Episode: The Times There Are a Changeling - I found the idea of a good Changeling to be a pretty interesting idea, and I loved how Spike convinced everypony that Thorax doesn't want to be evil.  And speaking of Thorax, is it me or does his character remind me of Finn from the Star Wars franchise?

Favourite CMC Episode: Crusaders of the Lost Mark - It's bloody obvious, isn't it?  The CMC finally get their Cutie Marks, which is why this is also my favourite episode of Season 5.

Guilty Please Episode: Every Little Thing She Does - I know many people despise this episode because of Starlight hypnotising the Mane Six (besides Twilight), but I found her actions to be justified and understandable.

Episode I Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Love: Magic Duel - I didn't think the Magic Duel between Twilight and Trixie was very creative, I thought Trixie was forgiven way too easily for what she did, even if she was possessed, and seeing Pinkie Pie without a mouth really creeped me out.

Episode I Love That Everyone Else Seems to Hate: The Cutie Remark Part 1 and 2 - To a lot of people, this finale is considered the weakest because people found Starlight's redemption "rushed", but I personally found it pretty awesome, and I found Starlight's reason for thinking Cutie Marks were "evil" rather understandable.

Episode Everyone Else Loves That I Just Find Good: Made In Manehatten - I quite liked the story, but at the same time, I didn't really enjoy it as much as other people did.

Episode I Didn't Like But Grew To Like It When I Watched It Again: A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 - Yeah, that's right; I originally didn't like the first part of the Season 2 finale. Why?  Because of how unfairly Twilight was ignored through and through, and that scene when everyone was abandoning her, but after watching the second part (as well as reading a comment from a friend of mine), I saw the light of the whole situation, and the second part was pretty cool.

Favourite Premiere: The Return of Harmony - This premiere introduced fan-favourite, Discord, and man, I thought he was really funny!

Least Favourite Premiere: The Crystal Empire - This premiere had potential, but it felt kind of bland, and I found King Sombra unbelievably boring!

Favourite Finale: Twilight's Kingdom - This was an incredible way to conclude a season, from Twilight finding out her true purpose of becoming a princess, to the showdown between Twilight and Tirek, to Discord's character development.  This was definitely my favourite Season 4 episode.

Least Favourite Finale: N/A - Couldn't decide; I love all the finales.

I own nothing. 
My Top 10 Least Favourite SSB Characters
As I have already mentioned, the Super Smash Bros. franchise has brought in a lot of playable characters for us to use for fighting.  However, there are a few characters who don't really meet our expectations; some are either boring, annoying, have bad move sets, or are from a game series you're just not a fan of.  And now, it's time to look at the 10 characters from Super Smash Bros. I find myself using the least.  As usual, these are my opinions, and some of these characters you might like, I just thought I'd like to prepare you for that.

But first. here are a few dishonourable mentions:
Alph from Pikmin
Ryu from Street Fighter
Young Link from Zelda
Sheik from Zelda
Shulk from Xenoblade

And now, onto the actual list.  Ready... GO!

10: The Koopalings from Super Mario - Oh my God, these guys are EVERYWHERE!  First, they're all made playable characters in Mario Kart 8, when there are a lot more interesting Mario characters they could have added, and now, they all make playable characters in Super Smash Bros. too.  WHY?!  In fact, there are so many of them, that they're not even in the roster, they're just model swaps for Bowser Jr.  Don't get me wrong, Bowser Jr. may be a bit of a brat, but at least he actually poses a challenge.  These guys, however, are a joke that have long overstayed their welcome.

9: Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit - I never could get into the Wii Fit game, which is why this woman (or man, depends on the model swap) makes the list.  He or she aren't really that impressive when using them in competitive play, and those annoying taunts do my head in.  If you like using them, that's fine, but Wii Fit just isn't my cup of tea really.

8: The Ice Climbers - These two are super annoying, whether they're taunting, jumping or using their special moves, and the fact that they are two characters doesn't make sense.  I mean, isn't two against one against the rules?  This one thing I could never understand about them is when the blue Ice Climber dies, the pink one dies too, but when the pink one dies, the blue one still lives.  WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?!  Thank goodness they didn't make it to Super Smash Bros. 4 because I cannot stand how annoying they are.

7: Dr. Mario - He's just Mario in doctor's clothing, that's all he is, nothing unique about him at all, except instead of launching fireballs, he launches capsules.  Yeah, like I can totally tell the difference.  I really don't understand why they brought him back for Super Smash Bros. 4.  And that theme music... Good God, that theme music!

6: Ganondorf from Zelda - I've probably already mentioned this before, but I am not a fan of the Zelda franchise, so it's no surprise I'm not a fan of Ganondorf.  When he made his first appearance in Melee, his move set was just a copy of Captain Falcon's, who is way cooler if you ask me.  Another thing I can't stand about Ganondorf is how ridiculously slow he is!  Yeah, Bowser is slow too, but he's part turtle/part dragon, so you'd expect him to be slow.  Ganondorf may be the "King of Evil", but he's not the kind of character I would use.

5: Wolf O'Donnell from Star Fox - I'm sure this guy is a great villain in the Star Fox series, but in Super Smash Bros., he's... well... kind of boring.  His move set is rather bland, and he doesn't even catch fire when using his up special move like Fox and Falco do, even though it's called "Fire Wolf".  Wolf may be great in Star Fox, but in Super Smash Bros., not so much.

4: Dark Pit from Kid Icarus - I get that Dark Pit is supposed to be some evil copy of Pit in the games, but his being a Smash character doesn't really work out for me, as he's only Pit wearing black clothes.  He even has the same move set as the original Pit, so there's nothing original about him really, that's why I don't find myself playing as him.

3: Wario from Super Mario - He's my least favourite character from Mario, so there's no surprise he's one of my least favourite Super Smash Bros. characters too.  Not only is he an annoying fat jerk, but his move set doesn't make sense to me either.  I mean, eating people and farting, that's just gross!  Wario even highly resembles Mr. Rude, my least favourite Mr. Men character, as well as Peter Griffin, especially when you're playing as him wearing white clothes.  If you like him, that's fine, we're all allowed to have different opinions, but Wario, for me, no thanks.

2: Toon Link from Zelda - Oh, for God's sake, HE'S JUST YOUNG LINK 2.0, EXCEPT EVEN MORE ANNOYING!  They're not even trying to hide the fact he's the same character, they even have the same move set!  I mean, WHAT THE F#CKING F#CK?!  I'm sure he appears in some Zelda game, but since I don't play Zelda, I'll never know.  However, Toon Link is not a character I like using in battle.

1: Zelda - I can't stand Zelda; I never liked her, even when I got Super Smash Bros. Melee for my birthday all those years ago.  She even shares the same name as someone my father cheated on my mother with, and that's saying something.  I even hate her screaming when she's flying in the air, or falling off the edge, she is a pain to be fighting against.  I hate Zelda, I hate her move set, I hate fighting her, I hate her name, I hate all the Zelda games, I... I... I just hate Zelda!

And there you have, my top 10 least favourite Super Smash Bros. characters.  Let me know in the comments what YOUR least favourite Super Smash Bros. characters are (as well as let me know if there's a character in this list you think I gave too much of a bad rep to) and until next time, hurue!

I own nothing.
Top 20 Favourite Female Characters
Here are my top 10 favourite female characters from any media.  Heads up: I'm only doing 1 character per franchise.

1: Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - My favourite MLP character, and my #waifu4life Heart.  Yeah, I understand there are people out there that don't like Rainbow Dash and that's fine, but I always found her to be the most relatable and most interesting of the Mane Six.
2: Rosie from Thomas and Friends - Whether in her old lavender livery or her new cherry red livery, Rosie always interested me, even in the Miller Era of Thomas and Friends.
3: Little Miss Daredevil from the Mr. Men Show - Possibly the most awesome Little Miss of the entire cartoon, and those rocket boots, damn.
4: Serena from Pokemon - Sweet and cute, she is definitely my favourite PokeGirl and the best one for Ash.  I was really blown away when they kissed at the end of the XYZ series.
5: Rey from Star Wars - I thought Rey was awesome in the Force Awakens and I'm really looking forward to seeing her again in the Last Jedi, and not to mention, Daisy Ridley does an excellent job portraying her.
6: Emma Goodall from Power Rangers Megaforce - I still stand by my opinion of Emma being my favourite Pink Ranger.  I just love her goal of protecting the environment.
7: Dory from Finding Nemo - Such a relatable and funny character, and my favourite of not just Finding Nemo, but Pixar as a whole, and I especially loved her role in the sea-quel. :P
8: Anna from Frozen - Definitely my favourite Disney Princess, and I loved her determination and how she never gave up on her sister, whom people believed was a "monster".  And they way she punched Hans off that boat was REALLY funny! :D (Big Grin)
9: Faline from Bambi - She and Bambi make such a cute couple, and her voice and personality (especially as a fawn) are really cute! Heart 
10: Starfire from Teen Titans - She was my favourite out of the Teen Titans, and she still is; she was socially awkward, yet thoughtful and kind.  Nowadays, we have a moronic, blithering insult who pretends to be Starfire, yet I don't recognise her at all.
11: Samus Aran from Metroid - Whilst I haven't played any of the Metroid game series, I still love using Samus in Super Smash Bros.  I also love her Zero Suit form.
12: Daisy from Super Mario - I really love using her in a lot of Mario spin-off games, especially in Mario Kart, Golf, Tennis and the Mario and Sonic games.  Please let her be a playable character for Smash soon.
13: Amy Rose from Sonic - I know people find her annoying, but I honestly find her funny and awesome at the same time.  And that hammer of hers, damn.
14: Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons - While I don't really watch modern Simpsons much, I still enjoy the classic Simpsons, and I love how compassionate and smart Lisa was during the series.
15: Judy Hopps from Zootopia - Who can say "no" to an adorable rabbit?  Not only is she cute, but she's awesome too, and I love her determination to prove she can be a competent cop despite her size.
16: Kiara from the Lion King 2 - While I admit I haven't seen Simba's Pride in a long time, I still remember how much I loved Kiara.  Hell, I even named one of my mice after her.
17: Jasmine from Aladdin - Believe it or not, she used to be my favourite Disney Princess before Anna came in, and I loved how she would not marry unless it was for love.
18: Belle from Beauty and the Beast - How can I not mention her?  She's smart, beautiful, kind and brave, and hell, unlike the other females in her village, she would not marry Gaston for just his looks.  And I liked the live-action version of her as well, and thought Emma Watson did a fine job portraying her.
19: Dizzy from Bob the Builder - I thought she was really fun-loving in the Bob the Builder series, and I still do.
20: Violet Parr from the Incredibles - I find her quite relatable at times, and I love how she grew from a shy teenage girl and became more confident in herself.

Honourable mentions:
Jessie from Toy Story
Megara from Hercules
Ducky from the Land Before Time
Carly Shay from iCarly
Lilo from Lilo and Stitch

Blank meme: boschian-fantasies.deviantart.…
Credit belongs to :iconboschian-fantasies:

I own nothing.
Top 20 Favourite Male Characters
Here are my top 10 favourite male characters from any media.  Heads up: I'm only doing 1 character per franchise.

1: Thomas from Thomas and Friends - I grew up watching him, and as long as this little blue tank engine is making tracks to great destinations, I'll always be interested in what kind of scrapes he gets into (except for maybe in seasons 13-16).
2: Mr. Grumpy from the Mr. Men Show - Possibly the most relatable and most interesting character of the show, and I love his catchphrase.
3: Pikachu from Pokemon - Still continues to be cute and awesome as the Pokemon franchise goes on.
4: R2-D2 from Star Wars - I love the way he beeps when he talks, and his bond with C-3PO is always fun to watch in any Star Wars media.
5: Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Such a loyal assistant to Twilight Sparkle, and Season 6 is where he really shone through with episodes like "Gauntlet of Fire" and "the Times There Are a Changeling".
6: Billy Cranston from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Defiantly my favourite Power Ranger of all time.  I also liked the Billy from the 2017 movie.
7: Bambi - Such a cute-looking fawn, and is definitely my favourite Disney character of all time.  Just seeing him always warms my heart.
8: Simba from the Lion King - Great character with great development in one of Disney's greatest Disney films.  I actually didn't mind him in the sequel to be honest.
9: Yoshi from Super Mario - I'm sure you all know this, but whenever I play a Mario spin-off game (eg. Mario Kart), I always use Yoshi first, because his design is too adorable to ignore.
10: Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story - Even if he's not a real space ranger, he's still such an awesome character, and his Spanish Mode in Toy Story 3, man that was so funny! XD
11: Nemo from Finding Nemo - I don't know why, but I always thought he was the protagonist of Finding Nemo (yeah, I did, I was wrong), but I still love seeing this little clownfish onscreen.
12: Cyborg from Teen Titans 2003 - Such a funny and charming character who's half human, half robot, and his "BOO-YAH"s are funny to hear.  (And don't even think about reminding me of that OTHER Cyborg from a reboot that should never have existed!Rage)
13: Homer Simpson from the Simpsons - One of the funniest characters to ever appear on TV, with some of the funniest lines I've ever heard.
14: Meta Knight from Kirby - Whilst I don't really own any of the Kirby games, I still enjoy using him in Super Smash Bros., and the way he swings his sword around is always fun to watch.
15: Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog - The fastest hedgehog alive definitely earns his spot on this list for his super speed.
16: Napoleon - In case you're all wondering, this Napoleon is from an Australian film that was broadcasted in the 1990s about a pet puppy who wants to see the world, that still holds up in my childhood.
17: Kristoff from Frozen - Such a relatable guy who makes a much better match for Anna than Hans will ever be.
18: Hercules - I really love his struggles throughout his film and was really rooting for him to succeed all the way through.
19: Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove - He might have spent the first half of the film working for Yzma, but that doesn't mean he's a REAL bad guy, and I love how he defects at the end.  Also loved how he's the main character in the sequel.
20: Tigger from Winnie the Pooh - He's really fun to watch, and although his bouncing does annoy Rabbit from time to time, it still makes him likable.

Honourable mentions:
The Genie from Aladdin
Stitch from Lilo and Stich
Mr. Bean
Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles
Lofty from Bob the Builder.

Blank meme: boschian-fantasies.deviantart.…
Owned by :iconboschian-fantasies:

I own nothing.
My Top 10 Favourite Thomas and Friends Movies
Here are what I consider my top 10 favourite Thomas movies.

10: Day of the Diesels
9: Thomas and the Magic Railroad
8: The Great Discovery
7: Blue Mountain Mystery
6: King of the Railway
5: The Great Race
4: Tale of the Brave
3: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
2: Journey Beyond Sodor
1: The Adventure Begins

Honourable Mention:
Hero of the Rails

Dishonourable Mentions:
Misty Island Rescue
Calling All Engines

Blank Meme: tdgirlsfanforever.deviantart.c…
Originally made by :icontdgirlsfanforever:

I own nothing.
Hello, everybody! If you don't know who I am, I'm the first person to have uploaded the second season of the Mr. Men Show in the UK version. I am also a fan of Thomas and Friends, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pokemon, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Disney and a lot of comedies. As a newbie, you'll probably won't expect much from me, but when I think of some good pictures to put in, I'll do it.

For those who wish to check out my YouTube account, click here:…


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